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Read the latest articles and commentary on driving at US News. Driving a vehicle while impaired is a dangerous crime. Tough enforcement of drunk-driving laws has been a major factor in reducing drunk-driving deaths since the s. Charges range from misdemeanors to felony offenses, and penalties for impaired driving can include driver’s license revocation, fines, and jail time. It’s also extremely. Aug 03,  · It was 2 A.M. on a cold Saturday and a bunch of us were crammed into my friend's car. Aaron was driving and we were rapping along to someone's iPod on the way home from a Author: Ashley Mateo.

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Every year, millions of people worldwide tell themselves they can drive drunk just fine. When you put those keys in the ignition and drive away after having been drinking, you are not only putting your own life at risk, but also the lives of all others sharing the road. So, then it starts with you. It starts with each of us, but together we can make a difference. Take a bus, or a taxi, or an Uber or a Lyft. Maybe catch a ride from a sober friend. Plan ahead.

The list of the effects alcohol has on the human body is extensive. It affects us from head to toe, articles on drunk driving, inside and out. However, when it comes to drinking and driving, there are some particular effects that everyone should be aware of. Alcohol causes drowsiness, slowed response time, distorted vision, impaired decision making, articles on drunk driving, memory lapses blackoutsdecreased coordination, and possibly unconsciousness.

Do any of these symptoms seem safe to exhibit while operating a motor vehicle? Rhetorical question… of course not. This is why, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, someone in America dies every 50 minutes from an alcohol-related car accident.

Currently, we are a little over halfway throughand as of now, the official statistics for last year have not been released. One can only hope the numbers have dropped. Driving under the influence of alcohol is never a good decision. More so, it is articles on drunk driving a bad one.

Absolutely zero justifications exist for doing it. If you find yourself driving drunk, it just may be time to consider checking into some sort of alcohol abuse treatment program.

If none of this is quite enough to make you never drive drunk again, try this on for size. The level of how darkly horrible this truly is should serve as a wake-up call.

Obviously, the worst-case scenario that could arise from drunk driving is a bodily injury. However, one should never forget about a second scenario that often arises articles on drunk driving drunk driving: getting into trouble articles on drunk driving Johnny Law.

In fact, some states see no legal difference. Here are some things you should know about. Having a blood alcohol content BAC of 0. Generally, it takes 3 or 4 drinks for an adult person to reach a 0, articles on drunk driving.

Now here comes the staggering info…. Bad decisions become much easier to make when drunk. So, make your decision ahead of time and never ever drive unless sober. You drive there, meet everyone, articles on drunk driving, and take over a few tables in the back of the bar. Before long, chicken wings and mugs of beer are flying this way and that. You have a few drinks, a few wings, and play a few games of darts.

Meanwhile, the light had been green articles on drunk driving half a minute, shining on you idling in the middle of the road. It is after anyway. Moments later, you see it: the dreaded red and blue lights of a police cruiser.

You pull over and the officer approaches your door. I am assuming it was because I stopped so long at the green light, articles on drunk driving. I dropped my bottle of water and it ended up getting stuck under my pedal, but I got it. Yeah, I figured it was something like… wait. Is that alcohol I smell? Have you had anything to drink tonight? There is a national zero-tolerance policy on drinking and driving. The extent of punishment given for breaking this law varies from state to state, but generally speaking, you can look forward to being arrested and likely not driving for six months to a year.

God forbid someone dies as a result of your drinking and driving, you will be charged with vehicular manslaughter. Enforcing the law does not prevent drunk driving. It only punishes those who are caught.

Nobody can stop you from doing it except yourself or hopefully maybe a good articles on drunk driving persuasive friend. While the decision not to drive drunk is each of our own, there are indeed ways to try and help prevent others from driving under the influence.

Talk to people in your life who you think could use the words. Nothing bad can come from educating people on the dangers of driving drunk. The first thing anyone can do is make the choice themselves not to drink and drive.

With this said there are many other ways you can help to end drinking and driving. Educating the youth, your personal family members as well as youth within your community is very important. They must know the dangers of drinking and driving as well as the legal repercussions of this action.

Another way to help would be to volunteer with articles on drunk driving organization set out to end drinking and articles on drunk driving, this will help you to reach out to more individuals and get the word across about the dangers of drinking and driving. You can also donate to these organizations, articles on drunk driving, contributions made by individuals like yourself are what make it possible to keep drivers educated and safe.

If you or a loved one have a problem with alcohol, please read our resource on choosing a safe and effective alcohol treatment center. Regardless of how you help; by making the choice not to drink yourself, personally educating youth, volunteering articles on drunk driving donating, you will be working to end drinking and driving.

This article is also in Spanish. Click here for the Spanish version. Call us anytime. We can help you with everything from selecting a treatment center to finding help in your area. Insurance Education, articles on drunk driving. Alcoholism Are You an Alcoholic?

Why Is Alcohol Addictive? Together We Can Make a Difference. Poor Decision Making The list of the effects alcohol has on the human body is extensive. Do you know why I pulled you over? Making the Right Decision Enforcing the law does articles on drunk driving prevent drunk driving.

What Else You Can Do While the decision not to drive drunk is each of our own, there are indeed ways to try and help prevent others from driving under the influence. Share So How Can we Help? Speak with Program Adviser Call us anytime, articles on drunk driving. Call us now: 1 Copyright Quitalcohol. All rights reserved. We are not a government website, and display advertisements. The information provided through QuitAlcohol. It is not a substitute for professional care.

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articles on drunk driving


Get the latest news and breaking news coverage of drunk driving cases in your local area, the U.S. and worldwide on the New York Post. Every day, 29 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. 1 This is one death every 50 minutes. 1 The annual cost of alcohol-related crashes totals more than $44 billion. 2 Thankfully, there are effective measures that can help prevent injuries and deaths from alcohol-impaired driving. Despite all the warnings, public awareness and educational programs, stiffer penalties for violations, people will still get behind the wheel of their vehicles while intoxicated. Drunk driving numbers for youths and teens decreased by half between and , they are still at .